The neck is often one of the first body parts to undergo accelerated aging. It’s subject to the pressures of gravity at all times and it contends with more sun damage than most other body parts combined. Poor maintenance of the neck leads to the appearance of crepes, wrinkles, a jagged neckline, and spots all over unless the proper care is undertaken. Let’s explore the reasons behind the aging appearance of the neck.


Dehydration is the single biggest cause for wrinkles in the neck. It can come in the form of drinking, where the toxins in alcohol plays havoc with your electrolytes and dehydrates your tissues on a deep level. It can come in the form of smoking, where the natural carcinogens in nicotine can accelerate general signs of ageing and target the vulnerable areas of the neck first.


Filled with aromatizer and alcohol, the wrong perfume can damage the elastin in your neck unless you choose the right type for your skin.


Any and all neckwear hangs down from your neck and stretches the skin for prolonged periods of time. Swap them for turtlenecks and collars that can leave your neck free and protect it from sun damage at the same time.

The Sun

Your neck is constantly exposed to the harsh sun while you walk, while you drive with the window open, and is requires more attention than other limbs because of the damage it sustains. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen often, especially when you drive.