In April of 2012, I did an intensive research on finding a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction. I went to three plastic surgeons but I didn’t get a good feel for them with their years of experience and their explanation of the procedure so I contacted a few of my doctors with in John Muir network and each of them recommended Dr. Ghorbani and spoke very highly of Dr. Ghorbani. I contacted Dr. Ghorbani’s office right away and made an appointment. I immediately felt very comfortable with Dr. Ghorbani and scheduled my breast reduction surgery on April 23rd, 2012. After two days of my surgery I was at the gym walking and felt absolutely NO PAIN without taking any pain medication. One week later Dr. Ghorbani removed the garment and my breasts were perfectly even, the exact size I wanted and looked just the way I wanted them. I was amazed by his work and I told him that there might be a lot of surgeons out there but there are only a few whom I consider to be blessed with such a natural gift of being an artist and Dr. Ghorbani is one them. I loved his work so much that I decided to get a lipo-suction of my abdomin, my back and my flanks and scheduled my surgery on July 16th, 2012. Once again Dr. Ghorbani came through and did a FANTASTIC job with my lipo-suction. I have seen many of my friends’ lipo-suction done by other physicians and it looks lumpy and uneven but mine looked perfectly even. At this point I trusted Dr. Ghorbani’s work so much that I was ready to refer my sister to him for fat-grafting of the face. In December of 2012, my sister had a surgery with Dr. Ghorbani which consisted of chin implant, fat-grafting of the cheek-bones, under eyes and lipo-suction of her ‘double chin or turkey chin’ and a slight lip enlargement. My sister is 45 years old and after her procedure she looked 10 years younger and Dr. Ghorbani did such an amazing job with her face. Soon after my sister’s surgery I decided to go back to Dr. Ghorbani for a consultation of my face. I had an injury to the face over 10 years ago and have lived with such abnormalities for years. Dr. Ghorbani suggested that he can make my face symmetrical by using fillers. At this pointed I had trusted Dr. Ghorbani so much that I decided to go for it. Honestly words cannot describe Dr. Ghorbani’s work with my face. He did such a great job that no one can even tell my face had been through an accident. My face is PERFECTLY symmetrical and I feel like a million bucks. I used to feel self-conscious and now that’s no longer an issue for me. I have to admit Dr. Ghorbani is an excellent and I truly mean an EXCELLENT plastic surgeon.