I have been seeing Dr. Ghorbani for Botox/Restylane now for more than 7 years and I can honestly say that he has improved the quality of my life! He makes me look on the outside the way I feel on the inside – young and attractive. I used to have a very prominent line between my brows that gave me a permanently angry look. He has completely gotten rid of it and has smoothed out other lines in face so that people are surprised when I tell them I’ll be 50 soon. He is a true artist! I had tried 3 different dermatologists until I finally found Dr. Ghorbani.
After hearing me rave about him my mother came from Europe to get a complete face lift (early 70’s). She returned home after 4 weeks and people commented “you look fantastic and so rested!” – and nobody even remotely thought that she had ‘work done’! (She still looks great, 5 years later.) I have sent several friends and family members to Dr. Ghorbani, and everyone is so pleased with the results! I love him and his work. And Jerilee, his office manager, is wonderful! I am thinking of getting a fat graft as a birthday present to myself and am absolutely sure that he will do a phenomenal job as well. He is the best!