I first met Dr. Ghorbani in 1995 while laying in John Muir Hospital with a crushed leg.He was assigned to close a gapping 18″ tear that all the other doctors said would require skin grafts. After the operation I found out that Dr. Ghorbani had closed the wound without grafts! Nothing less than a miracle!
Because he was the only plastic surgeon I knew and due to the confidence I had in him, my first wife and I returned to him that same year for her breast implants. Long story short, that was 18 years ago and she still has them and they still look amazing! (According to my daughter. She had breast fed 3 children).
In the past 5 years I’ve have brought 2 other ladies to Dr Ghorbani for breast augmentation, one of which chose a doctor in Blackhawk and he butchered her. I was horrified. That doctor never took responsibility for his mistake. The other chose Dr. Ghorbani and as with my ex-wife, she too looks amazing. (these women at the time of the surgeries were 38, 28 and 34).
Now for me. I went in 18 months ago and told the doctor I wanted 7 cosmetic procedures done all at once! The doctor contemplated this carefully for days because it would be pushing the limits of both his skills and endurance along with my ability to recover. For a 54 year old man I was in great shape and I had all the confidence in the world in Dr. Ghorbani. I told him I wanted to do it.
I am writing this 18 months later because I wanted to be sure that everything was just as I wanted and I can tell you I couldn’t be happier. I now look like the son of the man I was before the procedures!
Through all these surgeries, thru all these years, Dr Ghorbani has remained the same quiet, gentle, caring and most nurturing doctor I’ve ever had. His “bedside manner” is second to none.
I have instructed the doctor’s office to give my phone # to anyone for a referral because I, for one, will standby this review!