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Gynecomastia Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek gynecomastiaMany San Francisco Bay Area men who have gynecomastia can eliminate the problem with a simple surgery.

Gynecomastia is the medical term for over-developed male breasts and affects an estimated 50% of men, especially age 50 and higher. Gynecomastia is common during infancy, puberty and aging, and it is also inherited.

To treat gynecomastia, excess breast tissue is removed during surgery. Soft tissue can be removed simply with liposuction, but where there is more breast tissue (which feels firmer), surgical excision will be required. This may be performed through an incision underneath the areola, extending out on each side or perhaps an even more extensive incision, depending on the amount to be removed.

Danville male breast reduction

Dr. Ghorbani has much experience in treating men with gynecomastia. This surgery has been particularly successful in boosting self-confidence in men through significant and permanent breast reduction.


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