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Liposuction For Men Walnut Creek

Many San Francisco Bay Area men are using liposuction as a tool to look thinner and feel younger.

Male liposuction is a surgical procedure used to sculpt and reduce fatty deposits that do not respond to diet or exercise. It is not a treatment for obesity, a method of losing weight or an alternative to a healthy lifestyle. The liposuction surgery is best performed if you are at, or close to your ideal weight. Candidates include men and women who are in good physical and mental health, yet have areas of excess fat. Having firm and elastic skin will result in a better final contour.

Male Liposuction Male Liposuction

Male Liposuction

The liposuction procedure involves making small incisions to insert a hollow tube, called a cannula. Fluid is added to reduce bleeding and pain. Excess fat is then removed through the tube until a pleasing improvement is made. Several areas may be suctioned during one procedure. Post-operative recovery is quick, but bruising and swelling can remain for two to four weeks. Liposuction is a relatively safe procedure with a low complication rate. If, following surgery, you maintain a healthy lifestyle, a sensible eating plan, perform moderate exercise and maintain your weight, you will be satisfied with the long-term results.

Men typically have liposuction performed on the neck, chin, abdomen and “love handles”. Liposuction can be used to treat the neck, breasts and other areas.


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