Dr. Ghorbani was the third and final doctor I interviewed when my breast implant deflated and I knew during that first appointment that he was right doctor for me. I’m a breast cancer survivor who had bilateral reconstruction using saline implants after a mastectomy and radiation on one side and a prophylactic mastectomy on the other side about 10 years ago. When my implant deflated my plan was to replace both implants and that would be the end of it, but Dr. Ghorbani caught my attention when he recommended that he also add fat grafting to improve the quality of the skin on the radiated side, to create better symmetry, and a more natural shape. I’d never heard of fat grafting before but I am so happy I had it because it did everything he said it would. The fat grafting procedure involved liposuctioning fat from my abdomen and grafting it onto the breast area, so there is that added benefit too. Before fat grafting, the skin on the radiated side had been very thin and I could see and feel the implant through the skin which was a daily reminder of what I’ve been through. After fat grafting, the radiated skin looks and feels much more normal and now I can’t see or feel the implant through the skin. I was concerned that there might be a bumpy surface where he grafted the fat but the skin is smooth and looks completely natural. My dermatologist was so impressed with my improved skin and breast shape that she is now referring patients to Dr. Ghorbani!

Based on my own research, I’m convinced that fat grafting is going to become a standard part of breast reconstruction. None of the other doctors had recommended it to me so I think Dr. Ghorbani may be the only doctor in the area who is doing it. I recommend him to anyone who wants breast reconstruction, particularly if you’ve had a mastectomy and radiation and have had other doctors tell you that you are not a candidate for reconstruction using implants, because you ARE if you have fat grafting. Dr. Ghorbani showed me pictures of a woman he gave fat grafting to before starting the implant reconstruction. The fat grafting transformed her tough-looking radiation-damaged skin into pink, healthy-looking skin that could be reconstructed using implants.

Last but not least, Dr. Ghorbani is a calm, soft-spoken man, and is easy to talk to. He educated me about fat grafting and patiently answered all my questions. I was so fortunate to find Dr. Ghorbani and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. In our area we are fortunate to have an experienced surgeon who enjoys doing breast reconstructions and is on top of the latest advances. Fat grafting really elevates breast reconstruction to a whole new level.